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TaskExchange is a platform that connects people who need help with their Cochrane projects with others who have the time and expertise to help. Contributors can post tasks that they need help with, and other contributors can share time and expertise to help complete tasks and move projects forward. If you’re interested in getting involved with Cochrane work, and have time and relevant skills but aren’t in a position to take on a project leadership role, look into TaskExchange and see what’s available that fits with your expertise and availability.

Here are some recent tasks posted on TaskExchange - could you contribute your time and expertise to one of these projects?

For anyone who's considering using TaskExchange - do it. It can make life very easy!

  • Provide consumer feedback on a Cochrane Review in development
  • Write a guest blog post
  • Translate and assess content from a Persian-language article to help decide whether to include in a Cochrane Review in development
  • Help evaluate the readability of a Cochrane Plain Language Summary for an average reader
  • Take part in test evaluating accuracy of machine-translated content into Polish
  • Update Wikipedia articles with relevant Cochrane evidence or references

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